Friday, August 27, 2010

Back to School

My first day of school - 1986

This week, after having a quick break, I started my last year of school. I say that now, but then my mind starts talking all crazy and brings up things like Masters degrees. We'll see where that leads. I am more than excited to finally be finishing what I started 12 years ago. Yeah, I could have been a doctor by now. Instead, I'm working at a med school. Hmm, interesting how life turns out.

Besides being excited, I have to admit it's a little scary. It takes a way any excuse I may have about not being qualified when looking for a job I love. Does that make sense? I can't say, "oh I'll apply at that really awesome dream job with great pay/benefits/people after I finish school." Cause "after" will be here in May. Then, there's the whole what-will-I-do-with-all-my-free-time bit because I'm learning I enjoy life most when I'm overly busy. There's something to be said for finding a balance, I suppose.

On an upbeat note, I think I'm going to love my new classes. Easy to say the first week of classes, but still. There's something about the way I am challenged in a liberal college that excites me. It reminds me why I believe the way I do, strengthens my resolve and helps me communicate better with others. It's healthy, I think.

Regardless of what's next, I'm excited for today. You know how some people have a family motto when their kids go to school. Well, after a minor freak out this weekend about the fact my next birthday is the big 3-0, I decided my new motto is "go big, or go home." Ultimately, I'm just happy to see how that plays out -- when I get my degree and while I'm in the process.


Kelly said...

First off being 3-0 is great. It was one of my favorite birthdays. Second way to go with school. That is so exciting that you are in your last year. It is quite an accomplishment that you should be very, very proud of. What are you majoring in? Good luck!

Nikki said...

Thanks Kelly! If you say it's great, than it must be! I'm majoring in Integrated Marketing and Communications. We'll see what that looks like when I'm done! :)