Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A Stirring

There's so much stirring in this heart of mine. More than I understand and can comprehend, but there's stirring none-the-less. I'm writing this because I want to remember this real life story forever. Today, I'm reminded that I love a God who still does miracles. I'm thankful that one of my very best friends modeled to me (and so many others) unshakable faith, perseverance, resolve and strength.

Her and her husband found out they were expecting their fourth child. Although the timing maybe didn't seem right, she knew she wanted this baby. She's one of the few that make motherhood look graceful. She personifies Proverbs 31 -- her children arise and call her blessed.

At her very first doctor's appointment she received news that could shake even the strongest -- knock the wind right out of you kind of news. Not only did her baby have a condition "incompatible with life," but if left alone could develop into cancer and kill my friend. The doctor began to refer to her baby as a tumor and that her only option was a D&C. But, then she heard a heartbeat. I've been told that something happens within a woman when she hears that precious noise, proof that life is being knit together inside her. She stood her ground and refused to abort this life. She prayed Jesus would take her baby if it was not to be.

A week or so later, she went back. No change in prognosis. She was told her baby would never grown limbs and was again encouraged to consider abortion. But, the heartbeat was still there. My friend is tough as nails, and had already made up her mind. She wouldn't end this life, so she prayed, her family prayed, her friends prayed, and even those she does not know prayed.

Another appointment came, and as the doctor performed her ultrasound something had changed. This "tumor" this "mass of cells incompatible with life," had limbs, and it looked like a baby. The doctor didn't understand and said she was defying any medical and scientific knowledge she had. And it still had a heartbeat.

Yesterday she had an amnio to check for chromosomal abnormalities. They came back normal. I'm sure I don't have to mention, that baby still has a heartbeat.

In the Old Testament, God gives Sarah a baby despite impossible odds. It's no coincidence that my friend shares this name. Her brother wrote about it and said, "She understood that it didn't matter what the doctors called her baby, because her God calls things that are not as though they are." That is truth.

Regardless of what those results would have been, I know Sarah's character, and I've seen her pray. It's hard to have faith in the unseen, but knowing God knows us despite how he answers, gives hope. I can imagine Sarah saying words like this song as she pleaded for Him to be nearand prayed for the life of the baby God promised her.

Come walk with me, speak to my heart, Lord, what's deep in me only you know, come walk with me...

The coolest thing...He listened.

If you think about, please, continue to pray for Sarah and her miracle.