Sunday, January 24, 2010


And by Ugg-ly I'm not refering to my dog...
I wear my slippers to stay warm. Athena prefers to lounge in front of the vent.
I'm going to go out on a limb here. I think Uggs are ugg-ly. Really, most boots with fur just aren't my favorite. Sure, I've worn a fake pair before, but I'm allowed to change my mind. Please don't get mad at me or get your feelings hurt because you like them and I don't. That's great if you do. I'm sure they look fabulous on you. We all have our preferences.

That being said, I've fallen prey to promises of toasty feet, walking on clouds, and hard soles on my slippers. I've already had 3 snow days this winter, and the only complaint I have are my poor toes. Target saved the day with these bad boys that I wear from the time I walk into the door until the second I leave... Accept that one time I went against my better judgement and wore them in public. Just once. But, for $15, I'm convinced you need a pair too -- whether you like Uggs or not.

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pcfitness said...

I have been wanting some too...not for style, totally for warmth. But I am saving my bucks for some hot shopping in Chicago!!!