Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Healthy Goals: Redo

Don't you love it how when you commit to doing something hard, you struggle more than ever? Yeah, me neither. After eating more food this weekend than what any human should consume(that gyro and funnel cake at the fair were to die for), I went to sleep Sunday night with thoughts and commitments to myself for a healthy week. And then I got to work on Monday, and someone had brought donuts... and then a friend invited me to lunch... and then Tuesday we went out to eat for a co-worker's birthday. Seriously, can I catch a break???

Here's the story, I've been working hard to be the healthiest, most fit person I can be for the last 3 years. I joined Weight Watchers, and started going to the gym. I've been successful, but I'm not there yet. Actually, I'm about half way there. Let's be honest, I'm tired of half-way.

I can't tell you what that ultimate goal looks like. I think I'll know when I get there. If you'd be so kind to humor me while I document my journey, I'd love you to pieces. I can promise you, goals will be recorded, met, shattered, and failed, and I promise not to give up. I'm hoping for more shattering, less failing, please.

And for the love of all things, could someone tell the doctors to stop bringing the donuts??? Seriously.

P.S. Your thoughts, tips, and encouragement are always welcome. :)


Annie and Caleb Pinegar said...

you can totally do it! you have already come so far and it is always the last part/lbs that are the hardest. I will be on a same journey in about a month when i have to deal with the things that i let slide during my pregnancy (oh and I will have a little one to consume most of my time). Kind of scary. More challenges please?

Megan and Nate said...

I like the blog entry. Perfect beginning to your blog. Lets be healthy together.

Shannon said...

Re-do time!!! We need to be so hard-core that we can wear skinny jeans by next spring! Cool, trendy clothes, go now!

Nikki said...

skinny jeans so tight we have to lay down to zip them up. in a good way. :)

Shannon said...

so yeah. I think we need more health-related posts now. You know, since we're being hard core and all. Can't wait to see how skinny we are at Halloween!!!