Sunday, July 26, 2009

Birthday Cake: FAIL

Picture from smitten kitchen
What my cake should have looked like.

My friend Megan is always making the cutest cakes for birthdays... this year, she made me cupcakes with butter cream frosting (my favorite). She inspired the big dreams I had of making my sister the birthday cake she'd be talking about for years. As in, "remember that one year when you made me that AMAZING cake... that was the best..." I searched high and low and settled for this one from Smitten Kitchen.

What my cake ACTUALLY looked like.

It wasn't the easiest of recipes and I followed it step by step. Everything was going good until I added the 3rd layer and it started to collapse. I thought, "nothing a little frosting can't cover..." So I continued on with the frosting and chocolate glaze. Then the cake literally started cracking and falling apart. I have no idea what happened and that picture above is what it looked like BEFORE it was cut. I almost had left it at 2 layers and I wish I had. Thankfully, my sister is good sport and we ate it anyway. It may of been ugly, but it tasted darn good! Maybe next time it will look good too.


Beeston Family said...

That cake actually looks really yummy to me. I'd eat the whole thing.

Megan and Nate said...

It is all about the taste! I want the recipe.