Friday, June 12, 2009

30 Before 30

I would like to think I'm a bit of dreamer. Always wanting just a little bit more -- not being completely satisfied with where I'm at. I think it's a bit of a generational thing -- always wanting more. I don't want to identify with the discontentment of my generation, I'm just hoping to be a little better, and leave the people I come in contact with a little better than before. I want to be wise enough and brave enough to seize the grand opportunities of this life, and be discerning and sensitive enough to take advantage of the quiet, every day occasions that make it all worth living.

I think I sort of lost the dreamer in me for a little while. Things kind of felt far off, unattainable, and overwhelming. I think I've got a handle on that now. What better way to jump back into it than my making my very own "30 before 30" list. At first, I thought it was impossible to think of thirty things, and then 30 didn't seem like nearly enough. I tried to make the list as tangible as possible, but there might be things you don't get, certain people I'm referring to, specific moments I'm hoping to make real life. Some may seem insignificant and some used to be secret -- until now. Some of it is about finishing what I started and doing what I've always wanted to do.

More than accomplishing the list, I'm hoping to make some memories along the way. I'm going to enjoy the journey and have stories to tell my grand kids someday. Here's my list, in no particular order:

1. Finish school
2. See a really great concert
3. Go to New York
4. Run a race
5. Pay off my car
6. Invest some money
7. Plant a garden
8. Sew a baby blanket
9. Hand write 1 note per week
10. Work for a political campaign
11. Visit Washington DC
12. Make a new life friend
13. Overcome shyness – Be confident
14. See a horse race
15. Perfect a cookie recipe
16. Learn to play tennis
17. Give to something until it hurts
18. Know how to change a flat
19. Break 100 in bowling
20. Encourage someone’s dream
21. Stop drinking diet pop
22. Forgive quickly
23. Love unconditionally
24. Read Bible through
25. Write something worth reading
26. Live in the same city as life friends
27. Have a job I love
28. Start a book club
29. Go sailing
30. Be in love

I pray the next 2 years are better than I could ever imagine and that I can't even wrap my mind around what good things are next.

"Happy are those that dream dreams and are ready to pay the price to make them come true." ~Leon Joesph Cardinal Suenens

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Megan and Nate said...

Can I please be a part of some of these goals and dreams. Especially the one about New York. I am always up for a trip to NYC. It is not a far drive from Sandusky:) I also think we could take care of the baby blanket thing this next week. We are hanging out everyday so we will have plenty of time:). Oh and I want to taste the cookies that you perfect. Or maybe I should be the taste tester to let you know if they have been perfected. I guess I should let you share some of these experiences with other people...if I have to.

You can check the great concert off the list...hope it was fun.

Come home soon.