Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Reunited & It Feels So Good

Holy Crap, I am WHITE!

I just spent 5 days with this lady and her family--who really do feel like my family--in sunny Arizona! Nothing like warm weather, eating at some of my favorite places (Charleston's and Chik-fil-a), and good people, who have a similar heart, to make for an awesome vacation. Whenever I am with PW & Dana, I inevitably dream more (for myself & them) and am encouraged (whether they mean to or not) to be more. We don't have to talk every week, or even every month, and it's okay. Before I left, Alyssa gave me a necklace and said, "so you NEVER forget me..." Seriously Peenie, not a chance.

1 comment:

L said...

oh peenie is too cute for her own good. not going to lie... my eyes watered reading that.