Monday, April 20, 2009


Let me tell you some things that are really awesome (or not).

1. When you spill pop all over your new leather purse and ruin your phone... losing all your contacts.

2. Getting a new phone!

3. Almost a week headache free! That's HUGE for me, people.

4. Getting a really great workout with Megan...So "good" that your legs hurt 3 days later!

5. Someone standing up for what she believes in... even if she isn't the most eloquent.

6. Only 4 weeks until my Baby Ava is here! I can't tell you how much I want to snuggle my new neice. In 4 weeks... no earlier. My eyes may have welled up with tears at Babies R Us yesterday.

7. Going to Arizona next week!

8. Your camera breaking while taking this picture.

9. Your new phone having a decent enough camera to showcase your new bangs.

10. Finally deciding you like your bangs.


Megan and Nate said...

you should love your bangs cause they are soooo cute. I think I might cut some of my own. do you mind?

Sarah Skaggs said...

WHAT?!? You're going to AZ? Can I come with??? I need some relaxation time......... if my child does not start sleeping at night I think I'm going to give her a new bed...... in the car......... where I can't hear her ;)

I'm so excited for you to meet baby Ava too....... babies are the best! OH....... and I completely agree with you and the Miss California thing......... she's my Miss USA for sure :)

shannonlbolin said...

Sister, all of those things are fab. Especially the bangs. And you know what? They make your hair look really long. Love, love, love it!!!