Monday, March 9, 2009

What Athena Hates Most

More than the mailman & squirrel & opposums, put together and multiplied by 1,000. Have you ever heard of dog that didn't like water??? So weird. But, it was time, her smell was too much to handle, and we got through it. Me, with claw marks and soaking wet... her, shaking and smelling like Baby Magic. I call that someday this will not be my chore, kind of like taking out the garbage, because really, it's not fun for me either.

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Ashley said...

Hey Nikki!!
Haha, her eyes are soo sad...but this picture still makes me laugh! I used to have to give my little Logey-bear a bath in the bathtub, which he HATED. He'd tremble the whole time or try to climb out..poor thing. Why do some dogs hate water is beyond me.

Hope you're doing awesome! Have a great weekend!