Friday, February 6, 2009

Stimulating Contraceptives

Why does it annoy me that the proposed stimulus package contains money for contraceptives and family planning? Some estimate the total to be over 200 million dollars. It's kind of how I feel about the free condoms in the locker room at my work... because apparently medical students aren't mature enough to abstain (yes, 27 year old virgins do exist), buy their own (who would of thought?), or wait until they get home (have some self-control, people). But hey, what do I know???


Megan and Nate said...

the whole condoms in the bathroom really freaks me out too.

Matt and Erin Pitcher said...

I am so with you, Nikki. Once I threw alway all the condoms in the girls locker room because I was so bugged. Really, if people want to do that, that's their own choice. But at least make them be accountable enough to have to buy their own equipment. Haha!