Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Feathers and a Show

I bought some feathers for my hair. And it took a great deal of courage on my part to wear them.

I put them in Sunday before church and by the time I had driven the 3.67 minutes it takes to get there, I was like the Cowardly Lion. Just throwing it out there, but it could of been my sister's comment about me fitting in more at the earlier service (read: the one with mostly old people people). And then I remembered how the sales lady told me it looked like something you wear to a funeral. All this going through my mind in 3.67 minutes. And in those minutes, we had time to snap a picture. And then I took them out. Just like that, my courage had failed me.Fast forward to last night. My mom, sister, and me went to see Legally Blonde at the Civic Center. It was such a cool show, really funny, and we had amazing seats. I've seen a couple shows before, and it was by far my favorite. As I was getting ready, I remembered those feathers, but this time I was brave. I wore them with pride. And I was happy.
(Sadly, the best picture of the night doesn't exhibit the feathers... trust me, they were there.)


L said...

sister you should wear your feathers to church this weekend! :]
You looked fab in them last night, & even on sunday... ♥ you

Sarah Skaggs said...

I'm sure you looked beautiful in your feathers because you look beautiful in anything. I'm glad you went out with your mom & sister, hope you had a really great time. I love you and miss you.......... I'm thinking of making a trip to O-town in March, do you think we could see each other then???

Nikki said...

I'll be in O-town the weekend of the 14th and the 21st... Is that when you plan on being there?

Megan and Nate said...

I love the feathers. you make them look cool. I bet Naomi would like them too:).