Friday, November 7, 2008

For the first time this year...

The wind was so cold that it took my breath away... oh, and it's snowing too. Makes me want to decorate for Christmas and bake cookies.


Megan and Nate said...

I am proud of you for looking at the bright side of things. I am so not ready to face another Des Moines Winter. Lets do lots of fun winter things to make the most of it.

shannonlbolin said...

Just in case you need some encouragement in this area - it's not too early to decorate for Christmas. Do it. And listen to lots of Christmas music. Some of us are prohibited from doing so until it gets closer - you should go for it while you're able to!!!! LOL!

Nikki said...

you should tell luke, you're a grown woman and you'll do as you please. :) OR, ask him why he wouldn't want to celebrate the birth of Jesus a bit early. I for one, celebrate him all year long. hmmph. :)

shannonlbolin said...

I literally laughed out loud when I read your response to my comment. Then, I read it out loud to Luke, and he just shook his head like he always does when we're hilarious.

Only 5 more days!!!!