Thursday, October 2, 2008

Aunt Shannon

My dog has an aunt. Before you judge us, you should know she is the very best type of aunt. She sends packages for birthdays (Yes, I know my dog's birthday. November 14, 2006), and most other holidays, both major ones and little ones too. She sends liver-flavored treats that she knows Athena would really like and that I would never buy because they make her breath awful. She even promised to take care of her if anything ever happened to me. To some that might not mean much, but to me, it's important. Again, I feel I should remind you not to judge.

Yesterday, one of these packages came (containing a dog tank top), we had photo shoot '08, and thoroughly embarrassed Athena and myself while trying to get just the right shot, living on one of the busiest streets in the area. Here's my favorite.

Basically last night we decided Shannon and Luke just need to have a baby. That way, we'll all have something else to spoil. :)

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shannonlbolin said...

Photo Shoot 08 turned out great!!! Bailey is SO jealous.