Monday, August 11, 2008

God bless America

I love the Olympics... like, seriously LOVE them. The earliest I can remember watching was Mary Lou Retton in the 1984 olympics. I was three years old people -- how I remember, I do not know. I'm sure part of my olympic love comes from the pride I feel in my country. I consider myself lucky to be an American despite today's economy, decline in moral conduct, the war in Iraq. None of those things can take away from the freedom I experience every day. I know I'm blessed. What better of a way to show that we are the best country than the good ol' U S of A kicking some major tail in sporting events ranging from BMX to Table Tennis (who knew???), to gymnastics to basketball, to sailing and my personal favorite, swimming?!?!?

I love watching swimming... I can't get enough. Last night when the Americans won the men's 4 X 100 Free Relay I literally jumped out of my bed, and was screaming at the television. And when Jason Lezak came from behind and touched the wall .08 of a second in front of France, you'd of thought I'd just won the lottery with how much I was celebrating. I'm not going to lie, I may have shed a tear or two. These guys have some serious heart. There's not much left to say except, "God bless America."

P.S. Last night, I was pleased to find out that Coke is a proud sponsor of the U.S. Olympic team... I should totally drink one for my country. It's the least I can do.

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