Thursday, June 19, 2008

Baby Hungry

I think admitting that you're "baby hungry" is one of those things that send all (most) single men running. At the risk of losing all hope, I'll admit it. There's babies everywhere, and I can't get enough. My sister's friends are popping them out like crazy. Lest you think I'm speaking of an older sister, I must set the record straight by saying she's younger... by six years. One of my best friends, EM called from Kentucky to say she's pregnant... with her third. My oldest friend, Heather just had the cutest baby boy, and my good friend, Megan gave birth to the sweetest, most precious little girl named Cambri. I could just squeeze her! There's something about a baby that makes me hopeful, and my heart quite happy, makes me want one all my own.

For now, she's my baby. High-maintenance she is. Athena's a year and half old, and the most hyper, needy, spoiled, and loved dog I know. She has a collar collection that even the most fashionable pup would envy. :) She was sick a couple of nights ago -- I literally had to take her out 4 or 5 times in the middle of the night. It was then that I realized I wasn't ready to give up my precious 8 hours of sleep for a baby -- that, and the fact that I only represent half of the necessary equation to make one. So for now, I really am content. Run no longer, fellas. I'm getting my fix with all these cuties around me. I enjoy my current role... Being "Aunt Nikki" to so many, and "Mommy" to just Athena Josephina.

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